Thursday, July 01, 2010

Good to Go

That is to say, my passport arrived today and is all ready to leave the country. I, on the other hand, have approximately eleventy-billion things to get done, and for some reason, today was a model example of how to procrastinate everything while feeling busy and achieving nada.

I'm quite impressed by the new uruwhenua. It did cost $150, so it had better be a flash new, shiny design, black like the All Blacks, with a special chip that allows me to go through the 'Smartgate' facial recognition passport control system. It's quite nice how Internal Affairs send the old passport back too. Mine's very bedraggled, having been around the world several times, usually while squished into my belt-bag. Last time I went to Aussie, they almost didn't let me enter because the photo page was all dog-eared and looked like it had been tampered with. The new one doesn't look like it will handle such rough treatment. There's a warning telling me that it contains 'sensitive electronics' and should not be bent or exposed to high temperatures or excess moisture. I may have to change the way I travel....

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  1. I have a shiny new hi-tech passport too (cost more than $150 though). The photo is AWFUL, the lens must have been the widest bloody angle possible, so I look all nose - I should have had it redone.

    Anyway, ugly photo aside, I'm all set to travel. Just need the cash to pay for a trip somewhere.

    P.S. I see you've made friends with my Chinese spammer mate too.


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