Saturday, June 26, 2010

D-day for Razzy

I can't wait to see the next Shrek movie. When I saw the shorts for it, I was astounded. I looked at Puss in Boots, now obese from a life of sloth. He looked familiar.

And then I realised. Oh my gosh, my cat Razzy has been moonlighting as an animated movie star.
It's D-day for Razzy. He has tipped the scales at 7kg and seriously needs to diet. The problem with Razzy is that less than a year ago, he was a starving stray and can't get used to the novelty of food in a bowl. We have accumulated 3.5 cats (one only turns a few times a week), and feeding time is like.. well, shepherding cats. Razzy eats at the speed of light then waits and finishes up whatever is left over from the others. Being 'normal eaters' they usually leave food, expecting to come back to it later. I've also caught Razzy scavenging in the compost heap. Last time he was eating, of all things, raw pumpkin. He has also been known to eat the styrofoam tray that supermarket meat comes on.

It's going to take planning and dedication and hardening my heart to his pleas but I know he can regain normal cat dimensions - that's 5.5 - 6 kg. I will not let him be a victim of the obesity epidemic.


  1. Glad to see you're a conscientious mother. Don't make him feel bad about himself though - you don't want to create any lasting body image issues.


  2. So... our nickname of 'chunky butt' probably isn't the right technique?


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