Sunday, May 09, 2010

study noms

At the moment I've got my head deep inside a uni paper which deals with research methods. Miss J (niece) is helping and together we have it completely susssed. When I see a research report which states that the significance level was set at p<.05 and that (for example) the mean muscle strength of people that ate a kg of spinach was significantly greater than those that ate a kg of dirt (M= 19.00 kg, SD = 4.3 vs M= 15.00 kg, SD = 5.5; t(14)=3.1), I can actually make sense of all those silly numbers that I used to just ignore. Miss J understands it better than I do. Lizard (sitting on the wrist rest) has the most comprehensive grasp of it all.

To fuel my efforts I've been making quick, easy meals like an omlette with onion, spinach and some goats cheese flaked on the top. I tend to cook my omlettes in coconut oil because it just seems to hold up better under heat and you can use less of it. I'm a bit 'meh' about the supposed amaaahzing benefits of coconut oil. I haven't really had a chance to look into it in depth, and so far, what I've heard seems like a triumph of marketing over fact. However, I do like the way it behaves and tastes, and that's important too.

Whenever I have a 'bleeeeh' moment, and my brain cogs grind to a standstill, I take a break and go destress by fussing my cats. Mog, whom I hypothesise is the laziest cat in the world (although I have no statistical proof of this) can always be found asleep on something white. Or black, depending on what colour hair he intends to be using for his interior decoration on that day.

Aw, coochy coo!

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