Saturday, May 15, 2010


While I was out shoppercising today with Miss J, the Programmer decided to see what might be brewing under our jerusalem artichoke 'tree' (bush, or whatever the correct term for it is). The thing, which stood more than 2m tall, had suddenly, over the last week, turned all brown and lifeless, which is apparently the cue to let humans know that the artichoke creation process is complete.

I arrived home to find an enormous mound of artichokes awaiting my inspection (and cleaning by the looks of it). It's kind of the opposite of chia. I'm growing some chia an it's becoming obvious that chia seed production is a low-yield kind of endeavour. One bush might give me a tablespoon of seeds to make a very small muffin out of?. In contrast, one artichoke bush has coughed up so many bulbs that my blood sugar should be happy for about a year. Growing artichokes wasn't even on the 'to-grow' list. We found one that was sprouting in the compost heap and just stuffed it experimentally into the garden with the green bit poking up to see what might eventuate. It is fortunate that I really like them. Roasted, with some garlic and olive oil, they are delishimousness. As a bonus, I have a fantastic sense of achievement on behalf of my little box garden. Gardening is soooo satisfying. You do practically nothing and things happen. If only study worked like that.

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