Tuesday, March 09, 2010


The fabulous Moeraki Boulders in Otago. I used to live very close to them and still find them quite awe-inspiring. Sculpted by nature and legend.Mog enjoying the endangered kiwi pastime of lazing in front of a log fire. Fires are slowly being phased out to improve air quality. Ours is ok though - it's low emission. Cats are an introduced species that represent a danger to the indigenous wildlife. However, I don't think our cats are a danger to anything except the bag of catfood and leftovers on the bench.
The native Kowhai that blooms at my back door. When the Kowhai flowers, it's time to plant the Kumara. I would do this except I've never been successful in getting Kumara to grow. I think Christchurch may be too cold for them.

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  1. Time to plant kumera eh?
    Not in this house!
    I don't like kumera.
    Stew does.
    But I don't buy it for him either.
    Poor bugger.


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