Friday, February 05, 2010

Study Buddy

As lovely as it is to know that I have someone more than willing to help me revise for my exam on Tuesday, and as much as I appreciate the dedication and effort, it's just not very helpful to always have a purring body sitting on my notes, my books, playing with my pens and rolling over to be cute.

However, this is a great demonstration of the transformative power of a loving home and good nutrition. Six months ago, this pussycat was a mangy, skinny, smelly beast with ulcerated paws that appeared to live in our garden and eat scraps from our compost heap. Now he's just as fat and bossy as every other domesticated cat. He's adapted remarkably well to the couch, the bed, the food bowl and the notion that humans are there to provide everything, all the time. No therapy needed to get over his deprived childhood (he's about 2 years old), just lots of cuddles.

Ok, back to it... *pushes Razzy off textbook, again*

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