Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I know you're trying to communicate with me... but..

I have noooo idea what my marker is trying to convey here.

But, I do appreciate the effort. He is clearly a doctor of something and communicates at a level of intellect that is way beyond my ability to decipher.

BTW, the question I was responding to actually did involve an answer that said 'the amount of walking that was effective was 60 minutes, three times a week'. I was talking about exercise that improves insulin sensitivity in obese type II diabetics. Personally I would also have put them on resistance training, however, in the study it was the walking group that got results. Why? Because they stuck with it. The group that was given harder exercise tended to slack off and practice avoidance to the point of non-results. The walkers liked it and did it. Something to learn there.


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  2. not marker it depends on you what and how you want to convey, so do not say any thing against marker. well you post is unique and very nice.


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