Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Who ate all the Felchlin..?


My sisters fiancee is trying to kill me with kindness. Not only did he arrive from Liechtenstein with my regular shipment of Lindt (the Swiss version, not the French-made version that makes it into the shops here), but come xmas day I became the proud, temporary owner of the above assortment of Felchlin, which is apparently the best chocolate in the world.

Each bar comes with a little information booklet instructing you of the many tones of flavour that may be discovered when the product is melted on ones happy tongue. It's like a fine wine. Some of the bars had mini bars inside them that were essentially the same chocolate but that had been blended for differing amounts of time, releasing a subtle variation of flavour.

Naturally I embarrassed myself by eating all of it in 10 days, but that's only what? about 40g a day? Pfft.


  1. Drool. Yum.

    10 days?! You're my hero. It would have been 10 minutes for me :)

  2. Yum! Yum!! One of life's best indulgances!!! I would have eaten it way more quickly than that! LOL I tried a new one last month with a hint of hot chiles - it was great!!!

  3. For a moment there, I thought you'd found a new swear word.

    Thanks for enlarging my (chocolate) vocabulary.


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