Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vege-ing out

As promised, here are some pics of my new shiny vege boxes, which are already looking a bit unruly. The cats were quite excited about the super new dirt boxes, but they have been discouraged by the inbuilt sprinklers which are on timer (The Programmer doesn't do things by halves.. plus he knows I have random plant watering habits).

In this pic you can also see the back of my house in the distance (through the arch) and the doors to my office, where I am sitting right now.
This is my garden fairy.
Another view. That appears to be an artichoke plant attempting a garden takeover. It sprung from a jerusalem artichoke that I threw on the compost. Actually the whole garden is growing like mad. I guess 10 years of chucking stuff on the compost heap has turned up a good brew.
The garage you can see over the fence is the one (well, it's the replacement, obviously) in which a gas cylinder exploded, causing a big, scary fireball in August last year. That was a very worrying moment. Miraculously, as that side of the garage was metal, our fence did not catch fire.

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  1. It looks lovely! You've obviously got a green thumb.


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