Friday, January 15, 2010

Off to the ball...

Well, to The Programmers sisters 40th birthday. It's a 'Fairyland' theme but I'm not 100% convinced that I haven't merely achieved Na'vi + Boy George.

I had to take pics with my webcam so you can't really see the sparkly bits.

Naturally, my main concern for the evening will be keeping my false eyelashes in place and avoiding doing anything embarrassing on the video. ;)


  1. Sweetie....NEVER take pics of yourself from such a close angle.

    Unless you're photographing boobs or something that you WANT to look bigger.


    You're very clever. I'd probably have made a wand and called it a costume.

  2. Well, if I was afraid of making myself look like a big-nosed dork, I probably should have given up blogging ages ago.

    Party was awesomeo.


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