Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My brain needs some HIIT

I've spent the afternoon studying, of all things, the Animal Products Act and trying to get to grips with the various notices that the NZFSA likes to issue. This is because I am currently writing an RMP (Risk Management Program) for a company that deals in some minor animal products like collagen. I just gave myself a headache amending a document to reflect a notice issued on the 28 October 2009, only to find that the notice was revoked on the 1st November 2009. Yes, kiwi's this IS where our taxpayer dollars go.

I'd planned to go to Zumba at 6pm, but I think instead I might just crank out some k's on the rower and do some core work. That way I do not have to wait until 6pm to clear my head. Nor do I have to risk bashing into the person next to me through a fuzzy brained low-coordination moment.

But first, things I have eaten lately. The first represents a big moment. The first salad veges from my new vege patch. Tired of paying $6 for a soggy, plasticky-smelling bag of random leaves, I have embarked on a mega adventure of gardening. This involved some extensive help from The Programmer, who has proven to be a vege-box builder par excellence. We nearly came to blows over the finer details of the construction, but the result is worth it. Pics tomorrow. Other ingredients: fish and veges.

Cherries are in season and I'm going to eat them all! I'm so mad for cherries. The stone in the middle is an brilliant piece of design. It certainly slows down the eating process.
Calamari curry. It looks a bit meh, but tasted like wow.
Smoothieliciousness. This is one I finished just half an hour ago. It's got rice protein, half a banana, 2 peaches and maca powder. As I'm off to the gym, I didn't add any nut butter because I want a quick digest.
Okies, I am now loading my ipod and going to sweat. Then eat. ;)

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