Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have not eaten sugar or wheat for a long, long time. I've been completely sugar, wheat and most other grains-free for about six months and actually, haven't even missed them. I'm talking super-pedantic, label-checking conscientiousness. In reality, I hardly ever need to check a label because I don't eat stuff from packets.

Last night I threw a dinner party and under the influence of not-too-many glasses of wine (probably two glasses, not enough to be drunk, just enough to do something wild), I decided that the chocky biscuits (Tim Tams and Mint Slices) looked fine and that it wouldn't hurt to attack the packet. I ate about seven. Then I had some bread. And a cup of cereal, with milk (dairy being also something I hardly ever eat). When the sugar crash hit, about half an hour later, I excused myself and went to bed, feeling like I should be lamenting my indulgences. I wasn't though, because having a splurge once a year isn't exactly lamentable. Then it got weird. About an hour later I woke up - it was 1am-ish - and had to get up and relieve my faulty kidney (that's another story - in summary, it works by gravity and drains when I lie down, I always have to get up about an hour after going to bed).

As soon as I stood up I felt woozy, then kind of blacked out, crashed into something and re-awoke with my face smooshed into the wall. 'Huh', I thought to myself, 'I must have fallen asleep while walking, how odd'. I continued on my way, headed into the loo, heard a loud crashing noise as if from afar, then became aware of The Programmers worried voice saying 'um, are you ok? what happened?'. I realised I was on the floor, inelegantly wedged between the loo and the wall. I reckon I must have collided with the edge of the seat on the way down because I can feel a massive bruise forming on my upper back, as well as various other sore patches in random places. I am grateful for two things. 1) my guests had just headed home and therefore none of them got to experience the delight of finding me naked and unconscious in the 'little room' and b) I didn't actually land headfirst IN the toilet. It could have so easily gone that way.

I can't say for sure that the unexpected intake of foods I've been avoiding caused me to pass out, but something seriously messed with my blood pressure in a way that I've never experienced before. It seems a bit too coincidental to be unrelated. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the alcohol consumption because I didn't drink much and having a few glasses of wine on a Friday is a regular thing that doesn't usually mess me up. I have heard about this sort of reaction with food allergy testing, so perhaps I DO have an allergy, but as I elected to re-test all of my eliminated foods at once, I can't really say which one might be at fault (silly, silly me). Today I'm totally fine, but I'll think twice before going on a wild, crazy night of biscuit hooliganism. Next time I'll just stick to the vino.

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  1. You are so lucky you did not do yourself any major damage falling! I have never heard of anyone having such a dramatic reaction to food!


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