Monday, January 11, 2010

Another day, another feast..

Last night we went to 'Valentino's' for dinner. Although they have all sorts of awards for Beef and Lamb, I went for the pork, based purely on it being the easiest meal to remove the nightshades from. For those at the back, I'm on a nightshade-free diet for my arthritis. Something is working, maybe it's that. I avoided the pre-munching bread. Having a bored child, in need of entertainment, at the table can be wonderfully distracting when it comes to avoiding excess scarfing of bready delights.

I ordered the roast pork loin, sans potatoes. I was expecting them to replace the potatoes with green veges, which is usually what happens, but instead I just got the pork loin, with some apple slices and some fruity chutney stuff and aioli, all nicely displayed on a plate. So, I had vino instead of veges. That is totally allowed on the zone diet, which is not what I'm doing, but never mind.

The photos are very 'arty' on account of my phone camera being a shocker with low-light conditions.

The pork. Yeah... you really can't see it. It looks a bit scary here actually.
Company. Miss J amusing herself with drawing a treasure map on a serviette. Apparently there is a pot of gold near my house. Woot!
Company 2, my sister resembling the poster behind her. Cute.
The vino and The Programmers beer, just hanging out by candlelight. Awww.
Company 3 and 4, Sisters fiancee and his nephew who is in NZ at English school.
Tonight is spin with Steve. I hope to survive it, the man in a machine. I've seen him take a Pro-bo (sort of Body Combat if you are familiar with Les Mills) then announce he's off to bike up some hills for the afternoon. Ma-chine.

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  1. No I have not used the juicer yet. Hah. Hopefully will remember to get some fruit tomorrow after spin.


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