Thursday, December 17, 2009


I've been quite into Cacao beans lately, which are the funny looking things above that look like a bean and smell like chocolatey sin and spice. This also happens to be the way the Sana office smells since we took delivery of them. Heavenly.

Finally, I got around to writing up a little article 'The Raw Power of Cacao' and posted it on the Sana site here. It was a bit like when I started researching Omega 3. I thought it would involve a wee bit of quick and easy research, but it turned out to be a multi-layered, 'way-more-to-it-than-I-ever-suspected' epic adventure. With many big words.

I've got to say, I'm no web guru. It took ages and there was much nasty language and smacking of my forehead with my hand, not to mention deep sighs, muttering and glaring daggers at the html code, willing it to 'just do what I want'. Therefore, if you see any major formatting boo-boos or some link doesn't work please let me know. I will send your proofreading fee in cacao beans. The Aztecs used them as currency, I'm sure they are still legal tender somewhere in Mexico.

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