Sunday, November 08, 2009

Baby, you are mine

Sometimes I fear that I am becoming 'strange'. I worry that I am that person in the neighbourhood that people have a secret name for, like 'smelly cat lady'. I have evidence to support my worries.

Yesterday I was in the Liberty Market organic shop and heard giggling behind me. It was at this point that I realised I had been admiring a particularly lucious head of broccoli. I was holding it up in front of my eyes and had actually uttered the phrase 'ooooo baby' out loud.

You've got to admit though. Organic broccoli doesn't usually look like this, all firm and bright and bug-free:

It is a particularly fine specimen. Or, was. Now departed to the broccoli farm in my stomach.


In less wacky news. Exams are over for the year and I have a stack, a mad stack of emails to attend to and work to get done. If you are awaiting an email reply, fear not! I shall get them all squared away next week. Exams went quite well... I misjudged the first one by an hour - thought it was a THREE hour exam, but it was a TWO hour one, and that was not a fine moment when they sounded the '15 minutes to go' alarm and I had to scribble like a demented robot to try and get it finished! The second exam.. I got lost on the way to the venue and had to walk in late, all panicked and nearly in tears. I was one minute away from lock-out. Third exam, rocked it, but it's outside my degree. Fingers x's for the results.

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