Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oooo look! A shiny thing~!

The information age has unleashed a massive globalisation of events designed to make you stuff your face. Perhaps it's the true cause of the obesity epidemic! When I was a kid, we did not even know what Halloween was. Now it is all over kids TV and you just can't escape it. Still, as kiwis, it's hard to get us to care about witchypoo stuff and this aspect of the Americanisation has been slow to catch on.

Last year I opened my door to trick or treaters for the first time ever and had to relinquish my precious organic chocolate mini-bars. This year I am READY. That's my stash in the photo.

However, as it's now 9.30pm and I've only had two small ghosts (with Dad in tow) materialise, I conclude that the level of trick and treating has dropped by a massive 50% and is probably on the wane for good. That having been said, I'm all for dressing up and celebrating the turn of the seasons, the time of harvest and other natural events but what exactly are we harvesting right now? Shiny chocolates. Ok, I get it. It's the agent pagan festival of the shiny chocolate harvest. Of course! Aren't you glad I'm here to impart historically accurate snippets like this? Don't thank me, just unwrap a shiny choc and partake.

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  1. Now, that WOULD be something to celebrate... But I wouldn't be sharing my shiny chocolate harvest with some brats I've never met.


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