Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Beautiful Green Imagination

Conversation with Miss J (niece).

(on the phone)
'Hello, Miss J, it's aunty Sara, I can't find my car keys'

Miss J: 'I was playing with them'
Me: 'that's great, where did you put them?'
Miss J: 'In a beautiful green bag'
Me: 'a green bag?'
Miss J: 'yes, with pink on it. And purple' (note: everything these days is pink and purple.. it's her favourite colour, ask her what colour anything is and it will be pink and purple).

Me: 'ok, was it in the lounge or the kitchen'
Miss J: 'In the lounge'
(I look in the lounge.. nope.. nothing baglike or keylike)
Miss J: 'actually, it's in the hallway, with the fairy'
(surprisingly, I do find a toy fairy in the hallway and get hopeful)
Miss J: 'and, can you see the elephant?'
Me: 'Nope, I can't see any elephant, are you sure this is where my keys are?'
Miss J: (long, thinking pause) 'Aunty Sara, if you stand in the hallway and look left and right you will find your keys, bye'.

Left is the lounge and right is the kitchen... So much for the bike ride I was planning on. It looks like my cardio for the day will be high-intensity key hunting. Of course, there's always the chance that she didn't touch my keys at all and I have lost them in a washing pile somewhere...

Edit: FOUND after one hour. Behind one of the large speakers in the lounge, beside a green battery charger. There is a stuffed elephant on top of the speaker. This is how a child's mind works!


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