Thursday, August 20, 2009

Raw Materials

Please excuse the uninspiring photograph. Artisan bread in plastic bags just isn't that photogenic!

Today I made a pilgrammage to the hippie-ville of Piko wholefoods to pick up my weekly allotment of essene bread and peace man. Essene bread is the new black for blood type dieters. It's made from sprouted wheat (green packet) or rye (red packet) and nothing else. It's not cooked, just dehydrated at low temperature, thus retaining all of the heat sensitive enzymes and vitamins. While I was scouting around the yummy treats section, I found a most amazing thing. Loving Earth raw organic chocolate bars. The price tag nearly made me faint, but it's still the dollar equivalent of less than two starbucks coffees per bar and the product is worth it. It's sweetened with low GI agave syrup instead of sugar and comes from Australia, so you know it's produced under strict hygiene controls. Australian Food Safety standards may cause me a headache when it comes to sending product into Aussie, but at least I'm sure that I'm not going to get salmonella or e-coli from any raw chocolate bar produced there. Or inadvertently eat 'faecal coliforms' (such a lovely thought...).

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