Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oatiness for lunch

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As I was just saying over at The Lab, I was caught out at Starbucks yesterday and decided to try their 'Perfect Oatmeal', for lunch. Firstly, it's not perfect. Perfect is slow cooked whole rolled oats, served in a lovely ceramic bowl, at Grandmas house. But, it's not awful and, compared to anything else I could have chosen, the nutritional stats are pleasing.
The oatmeal on it's own is 140 calories, then you can add the extras - dried fruit, nut medley and brown sugar. I added the nut medly and dried fruit, which added 200 calories. So for a total of 340 calories, it was a pretty satisfying lunch. Eating oatmeal for lunch doesn't phase me, I mean, sometimes I eat leftover dinner for breakfast. I did get a few odd looks from people that probably thought I'd just dragged myself out of bed though.

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