Monday, July 20, 2009

The Creaky Cavewoman

I've been eating like a cavewoman, in tune with my Type-O-ness, for about six weeks now. I'm not sure of the exact start date, but it was after my birthday and before I started entering things into my iPod, so .. let's just call it 6 weeks. That would make today the start of my 7th week. It's actually very interesting that, for the first time ever, I don't have a 'day 1'. My new diet does not have a birthday!

Usually, starting a diet, or even a 'this is not a diet' diet, requires an extensive ritual of planning, a shopping expedition, purchase of a fresh diet (or non-diet) journal and a last-minute, never gonna do it again, pig-out. This time I had the aching, arthritic hip and no time to piss around. It was fast-forward, or fast-backward, to a far less modern way of eating. Perhaps Kek and I are the new Betty and Wilma? Note the absence of carb bloat. Those dino-burgers really did wonders for the hips.

I'm noticing some changes in my body. My weight dropped a kg and then I fell out with the scales and decided to take a break. It's not the scales, it's my mental brain. My weight fluctuates up and down all the time and it's great when it goes down, but when it goes up, I have a bad day. I find myself thinking about my weight all day and feel like I'm living for the next morning when I will undoubtedly be lighter. At the moment, I don't want distractions, I want focus. So, unfortunately there will be no weighing for a while and I haven't got any tasty numbers for the kilogram voyeurs, sorry. I do have numbers though! I'm tracking my calories, sort of, just keeping it in the region of 1700-2000 in order to, again, not have a bad day due to uncontrolled munching. Yes, it IS still possible to have a mad calorie blowout on caveman food. Or maybe that's just me. I can turn any meal into an extreme eating experience. So far, I'm feeling tighter around the middle, which is a good thing, and my hip is definitely improving.

I've been doing yoga in between my TT workouts and there is a particular pose called the crocodile twist (see pic) which was hell on my arthritic hip when twisting to the left. It was so bad that I really couldn't do the pose properly, and couldn't hold it at all. I tried it again three days ago and braced myself for the biting pain, but it didn't come. I had a severe ache, it did hurt, but it wasn't the grinding awful pain that I'd had previously and I could do the pose and hold it. I also tried sitting legs crossed on the floor and again, I can do it now. It does ache, but it's not impossible like it was six weeks ago. I'd call that progress. It's certainly not dramatic, but I never expected it would be. So, I'll be persisting with my no nightshades, no dairy, no wheat, no crap, Betty and Wilma diet and in about 10 years I should be ready for the cirque de soleil! Stay tuned!

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  1. I wanna be Betty, OK? (I always liked her better....)


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