Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dear Tutor,

I'm very sorry that my assignment is not quite as fabulous as I wanted it to be, and is a day late. Last night our neighbours pot-smoking brother blew up their garage and it was very distracting with the sirens and the fire-engines and having to hose the fence and talk to the CSI's.

The CSI's were quite good looking, but not like in CSI: Miami. They lie.

My house smells.

However, it was an excellent way to meet the people in my neighbourhood; everyone has a crisis-loving drama queen inside.



  1. Yeah, those shows totally lie. They're never as fabulously good-looking in real life.

    Glad you didn't burn to a blackened crisp though.

  2. But doesn't it sound like a more extreme version of 'the dog ate my homework?'

  3. Oh! Female CSI's do NOT do their job in white pants and five inch heels.


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