Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Recipe, Food bogey.

I've just gotten home from a mothers day dinner where I indulged in a lemon creme dessert, closing my mind to the thought of how many calories might be lurking within. That sort of creamy, sugary dessert is both my best fantasy and my worst nightmare when it comes to food!

For some reason I have not quite evicted from my head the food bogey that tends to activate if I scarf a high calorie, unplanned treat. It's a semi-panic reaction that goes 'well.. seeing as I ate that, I'd might as well not deny myself this too.. Crazy. The best thing is distraction. Instead of thinking about the fat globules cruising around my bloodstream, I put my mind to posting my first recipe article. I have not long had control of the Sana Direct website and my web skills are embryonic, therefore it does require my full concentration. Seeing as I did not screw it up, I now feel accomplished and like I can do anything, including ignore the food bogey.

I have eaten some fabulous 'home style' baked beans in my life. If I go out for breakfast, it's usually the thing I order, primarily because it's (nearly always) guaranteed yummy and I know I won't be hungry again in an hour - that's the fibre doing it's job of being satiating. Finally I have found a fabulous recipe for making them myself and you can find it here. I also did two sets of numbers for it. There are the foodie numbers for anyone that needs to know about the calories, protein etc, but also as a little personal experiment I added up how much it cost to make using dried lima beans. The whole recipe, which generously feeds four, cost about as much as 3 cans of baked beans from the supermarket. That's the nasty tasting 'budget' beans too, not the flash, organic, imported from Switzerland type. Considering how well the recipe freezes, it should never be necessary to buy a can of baked beans again.

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  1. I've always regarded baked beans as "man-food" and have never really liked them. But I might have to actually try your recipe...

    Of course you know that beanz meanz fartz?


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