Saturday, May 02, 2009

I am woman, I must tidy stuff.. now and then.

Yesterday I suffered an attack of domesticity and decided to tidy up my kitchen. It started when I had to remove everything from the top drawer because one of the too-tightly packed forks had turned rebel. Somehow it had wedged itself into the inside upper surface of the drawer receptacle making it impossible to open the top drawer. Something snapped. I looked at my bench cubbyholes and felt dissatisfied with my life.



In the shambles I also found something that is probably unique to a supplement formulator. - a failed formulation. The below product was once a free-flowing, white powder packed with high-end ingredients but lacking somewhat in shelf-stability. After a few weeks it gelled into this nice little mess. The picture shows the jar being held upside down. The 5g silica moisture-absorbing sachet is heroically sticking in there trying to de-hydrate the product, but it had might as well give up. This formulation required major adjustment in order to be retail ready. There is often deserved criticism that bodybuilding supplements contain a high amount of fillers and additives but now you have some insight. Some of the raw materials used have native characteristics that border on freaky and quite often they need to be drastically diluted. It's not always a matter of stability though. Even more frequently, it's the freaky cost of those ingredients that needs to be sweetened with sugar, or some other cheap additive.

Later I took the Niece to a party at her Uncles workplace. The building was constructed at the height of the technology boom and is 'Boogie Nights' extravagant with indoor pools, ferns, a waterfall, velvet wallpaper, red carpet, plush seating alcoves and mirrored panels all over the place. I took a bunch of pics, however all but one became corrupted when I mms'd them to my email. This particular party involved some sort of team building exercise where everyone was issued a bongo drum and the guy on the stage lead the entire company in a ritualistic tribal drumming session. I'm not sure this was what the Niece was expecting, and we watched from the security of the stairs. Later the corporate types won her over with fairy bread, little sausages, chocolate fish, icecream and that horrible fizzy orange drink that turns normal kids into wild eyed, loud, bouncy things. At that point it became time to return my girl to her mum ;)

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