Monday, May 04, 2009

Celebrity Eating Plan Voyeurism

I have a fascination with reading about what other people eat, particularly if they bother to go into a little detail about why or how they eat that way. Via Twitter I just discovered that Giuliana Rancic (the chick from 'E!') has blogged a very interesting and detailed meal plan which is well worth a read.

Personally, I think she is a little too crazy about avoidance of fat consumption, but then again, if my job depended on being a very small size, I would surely veer toward over-vigilance too. There's also a lot to like about the way Giuliana eats. She loves her veges, fuits and lean proteins. She's not crazy about avoiding carbs, she believes in not going hungry, she cheats sometimes and she puts cayenne pepper in her water, which is something that I also do. I hope she realises that this practice can be hazardous! Having accidentally snorted cayenne-water into my sinuses, I can report that this is a MOST PAINFUL sensation. I'm sure it must have been good for me. Clear sinuses for a year!

It amazes me that Kombucha Tea, which Giuliana raves about, is suddenly the hot, new favorite celebrity accessory drink. In the early 90's everyone I knew was drinking it. Of course, we were making it from scratch and everyone had their pet Manchurian Mushroom to tend to. Eventually I got tired of babysitting my mushroom. It's not like a regular mushroom, it's more like a dinner-plate sized floating, slimy, odd-smelling pancake. They require feeding and washing. They grow too big and you have to cut some off and try to give it away. Then you had to actually make the tea, which is a mixture of tea, mushroom juice and sugar or honey. These days you can buy it in a bottle, which is convenient, but not really wallet friendly. I think I'll be passing on Kombucha Tea round #2. This Kombucha revival just smells of oooo, it's exotic, it's 'natural', let's market it to death. Anyway, I spent so many years drinking it that, if I am to believe the current advertising, I should have achieved immortality about 1996.


  1. your blog rocks! had a good laugh!


  2. I also used to make kombucha--I really loved it but then you feel bad if you can't keep 'the mother' as we called it and you never wanted to throw her away....but I always felt amazing drinking it, even without all the crazy things they put into it now.


  3. I would absolutely die if I ate her diet. Where is the fun? Where is the enjoyment? What is with this fear of fat? Ah, I guess I shouldn't be so harsh. Maybe she has no tastebuds? Ah well. She LOOKS like she eats zero fat, so mission accomplished, I suppose...


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