Thursday, May 07, 2009

Abbys 30 days of icecream

Is this not genius? Over on the 'I'm not neurotic' blog, Abby is on a 30 days of icecream mission. She is creating high protein, low fat, waistline friendly icecream. Obviously she is on the summery side of the globe right now and not freezing her toes every morning like we are in NZ!

I know it's a very lazy post to just send you on to read someone elses hard work, but I have an excuse. I've been nursing a sick cat, but now he's all better and back to his usual activity of ignoring me and/or giving me dirty looks for the indignities he has endured over the last 48 hours. Zeus is rather ferocious and quite large. Having been worryingly comatose all day, he then tried to take the vets finger off when she opened the cat bag. Stuffing him back into it, she sedated him by sticking a needle right through the bag and once he was immobile she squeezed a delicious amount of smelly pus out of his face and ear. The Niece was there and went into hysterical giggles at the sight of it.

It's probably not nice to talk about pus and icecream in the same post, is it? I once accidentally turned myself off all dairy products for a year when I listened to a Marisa Peer hypnosis CD which suggested to my subconscious mind that milk is full of pus molecules. Eventually my love for cappuccino broke through but I just couldn't live with myself if I gave anyone an accidental aversion to icecream.

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