Monday, April 13, 2009

Time Warp

For the last few years, my office has resided in an alcove off the kitchen and it's just not working out any more. For a start, I turn very cranky and irrational when I've got an assignment due and anyone that dares to enter the kitchen is in danger of being told to either a) be QUIET or b) get out. My new office is going to be in the back half of the garage, a safe distance from the regular population. The first step was to build a shed and then move years of accumulated crap, some of which belongs to the previous owner, from garage to shed. In the process I think we have accidentally opened a worm hole to the 70's and taken delivery of a pristine, never-used, as-seen-on-tv, K-Tel MULTI-EXERCISER. It's beyond fascinating. Here's how it works:

If you get on the scales and it's a nasty experience, don't panic.

Simply take your bundle of nylon cables,
spend 30-40 minutes de-tangling them, and then attach to a convenient 70's style door handle.
Read the instructions, strap yourself in and go for it.
Don't forget the most important thing!After a few weeks of Mult-cizing and following a few nutrition rules....You will look like this! - if you can find a turtleneck green leotard.
Groovy, Man.


  1. Well, I'm convinced! How much do you want for it? And where can I get a cheap turntable to play that antique vinyl thingie?

  2. We actually have a turntable and I'm going to wire it up just so I can listen to the 45. I bet it's disco...


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