Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ok, that's good to know..

I just discovered that writing a post in Word and then pasting into blogger is a real pain-in-the-buttcheek and you have to spend an hour fixing the HTML. With a bit of investigation I've discovered that it's only a problem with Mozilla. Other browsers can handle it. Wish I'd known that 1.5 hours ago...


  1. I have similar problems with Blogger in Firefox but I have found the solution.

    After you paste into blogger select all and then click the icon that looks like an eraser/rubber which gets rid of all formating.

    Then click on the view HTML tab and delete any remaining bits of < xxx > type text.

    Works for me.

  2. I just work in the html tab now ....saves a lot of grief. And spazzy formatting.

  3. Thanks girls!. I am actually making the effort to get more HTML-smarts. So far it's lots of head scratching and a few 'ah hah' moments.


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