Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Housekeeping post

The promised CALORIES post is taking longer than anticipated. I seem to have more to say on the subject than I thought I did and, meanwhile, as noted by someone wise, life is happening while I'm making other plans:

* I drove 5.5 hours to Nelson for a reunion with some of my school of music buddies. It had been 13 years since we last saw each other but instantly we bonded and it was just like old times, only with less drinking and more grown up talk about kids and careers. Photos are here.

*I am now in my fourth week of eating for weight maintenance and have been astounded to discover that it takes about 2100 calories a day to keep me stable. My calories on the days I have counted (I missed two days while I was away) average out at 2050 and my weight has drifted between 60.2 and 61kg. Yesterday morning I was at 60.2 and then this morning my scales just said 'Lo' which was very gratifying, but I think it means the batteries need replacing.

*Next week I will start Eat Stop Eat, with two 20-24hour fasts each week and maintenance calories on other days. I would have started this week but I've come down with a scratchy throat thingy. Of course I went into immediate paranoia that it's a Mononucleosis relapse, sealed myself into a bubble and refused to talk to anyone, but seeing as I have not progressed to being comatose, I'm optimistic that it's just a cold. I've been hammering down the anti-virals (for those of you not paying attention, that's Lysine, Olive Leaf Extract, Zinc, Vit C and the B vits) as well as keeping myself hydrated, mostly with ginger and cayenne tea.

* is back online and open for business. I now have sole control of the site and am slowly getting to grips with how to edit the content. Please bear with some out -of-date-ness until I've upgraded my brain.

*I have settled into a love-hate relationship with my Wii-fit. I've discovered that the best way to get a half decent workout is to add resistance to the exercises that are too easy and to get on the stat. bike and do 30 second intervals between exercises. It still annoys the hell out of me that Mr Instructor Pixel seems fixated on reminding me to not push myself too hard. It's clear that the Wii-fit focus is on long-duration low-intensity exercise, which does run quite counter to what I believe actually works. I was quite excited to have progressed enough to unlock a new exercise in the 'aerobic' category, only to find that it was 10 minutes on stepping on and off the Wii-board in time with a beeper. I felt so silly doing it that I had to stop. The Wii-board is maybe 2 inches high, you couldn't really call it a 'step'. I don't want to be too hard on Wii-fit though because I can see that a couch potato, looking for something that is more like a game than a gym, could very possibly find that Wii-fit is fun enough to stick with, and that's important when you are getting off your arse for the first time in years. Even I was enjoying myself enough to spend an extra 30 minutes in the balance games, floating my bubble down the river, rolling my own head around a floating surface trying to sink it into a hole. Uh huh.

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