Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Hit Parade

Sometimes I like to amuse myself by checking out what people are Googling for when they end up here at the Sanaworld blog. Last time it was quite scary. The top hit was 'Spiky Butt Ball' (!!), but lately it's a bit more tame. Maybe I'm losing my edge.

Top 10 most interesting Sanaworld Hitmakers
1. Half Ton Mom.
2. Eat Stop Eat free download
3. Eat Stop Eat sample day
4. Eat Stop Eat is b*****t
5. Socialite confessions blog
6.How do the morbidly obese and bedbound get their food?
7.Walking with assplug


8. What is pasta?
9. Wii fit is too easy
10. 'pupil dilation' glasses

I wonder about you guys.. I really do.

1 comment:

  1. Right. This time, I swear, NONE of those were me....

    What is pasta???????


    The word verification is sneshw. Gesundheit!


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