Sunday, March 01, 2009

Size of a hospital?

Yesterday I went forth to download my 'before' photos for the 3rd Turbulence Training challenge. Yes, I AM on a Turbulence Training twelve week challenge, or.. more exactly...not. When I browsed through the memory cards, looking for anything that resembled my exposed midriff, I found only a selection of snaps from my recent weekend in Hamner Springs. Panicking just a little, I checked and re-checked all of the memory cards, finally coming to the conclusion that, in my enthusiasm for taking panoramic shots of the abandoned Queen Mary Hospital, I must have formatted the card that had my TT pics on it. Either that, or my butt rather too accurately resembles an expansive, white building. You may feel free to refrain from comment on this. Just hold it in, that will be fine.
As much as I love Turbulence Training, and the TT forum, I've been itching to take a little break from it so that I can play with my new toy, Wii-fit. Now that my official challenge entry has been scuppered by a technical glitch, I've decided to take a three week maintenance break and spend time fiddling with my Wii (does that sound strangely rude to anyone else?). I made a start yesterday and am so far rather *mmmmmm... dunno* about it. My main criticism is that there is a bit too much futzing around before exercises while your BMI is calculated and you are given a pep talk about exercising every day. Then between exercises there is yet more faffing while the machine evaluates your balance then the virtual trainer flaps on about the importance of improving your posture. Then you get scored against anyone else that has used the Wii-fit. All of that takes up valuable training time and I am very much a 'train hard, train short' girl. Twenty minutes of actual exercise took about 35 minutes in real time, and I know that for a fact because after each exercise an electronic time-keeper 'ka-chings' a few minutes onto your exercise tally, unlocking more exercises or more reps as time accumulates. The exercises themselves, all bodyweight, are mostly too easy for me, so today I picked up some dumbbells to add some resistance to the muscle training set of exercises. Of course, my brainy machine immediately perceived that I was inconsistently heavy and wanted to waste my time getting me to confirm that I was, indeed, myself. I had to use my toe to press the identity confirming 'A' button on the Wii-mote (get it?) because my hands were full of DUMBBELLS you aggravating machine. What I DO like about Wii-fit is the emphasis on balance and posture. I know that I have a lot of bodily imbalance, which is part of the reason I am so prone to back problems. This kind of exercise, where it is less about sheer explosive muscle power and more about stabilisation could be just what I need. Over the next three weeks I will Wii *snort* four times a week and get in two good HIIT cardio sessions. I'll write a full review once I've given my cyber-trainer a few weeks to try and impress me. So far, he just makes me hate him by enthusing 'that was a really tough workout' after six reps of something called the 'waist twist'.

Nutrition-wise it's time for a diet break and to see where my maintenance level currently is. I'm focusing on quality nutrition and weeding my processed food consumption down to a more healthful level. My noble plan is to do this without turning into a food nazi (or, conversely, a food slacker of the 'maintenance = daily indulgence' bent). After my three weeks maintenance I intend to attack the lard again using an Eat-Stop-Eat approach. In the meantime, should my maintenance diet go badly wrong and I DO start to resemble the Queen Mary Hospital, I'm relying on you all to let me know. Don't let me down.


  1. Hi Sara,
    I found your blog through Skwigg's site. I'm blown away by your (BFL)transformation!
    I (and other women) get caught up
    in the hype of fad diets and quick results. I'm a very blk or white
    person,so seeing shades of gray isn't so easy. I tried cutting out
    carbs thinking that was the magic answer...coming to realize moderation works
    best for me. Now I enjoy natural starchy carbs and I am so much happier.
    I have kept off 60lbs over the past six years but only recently really started committing to a weight training program. Basically I did a very good job taking off the weight my eating sensibly and watching portions,the thing I was doing wrong was not lifting and eating a bit to many refined carbs. It wasn't all that far off base. Because I'm very black or assumed Body Builders must know the Needless to say I'm finding a middle ground now and relying less on others (Bodybuilding sites) for the answers. Don't get me wrong,some sites have great info,but can easy be taken to the extreme. I'm back eating balanced 40/30/30 and pretty happy. Eating this way feels right to me,nothing extreme. I don't need a diet,but a way to live.
    Where do you base your nutrition plan/belief on?

  2. Hey Sweets.... arse like a large building? Hmm, I doubt it...

    Send photos and I'll let you know for sure.


    BIG hugs!!


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