Thursday, January 08, 2009


Yesterday had some exceptionally good and warm moments - and that's not even considering the awesome weather that we are having. The only downside to the current heatwave is that my car is a clunker and the aircon is virtually non-existant. The best you can get is the fans doing a lot of noisy work to produce a weak stream of warm air. Better is driving with both front windows down, but I can't do that because the passenger door window is unreliable and sometime detaches from it's mount when you wind it down.

Sana Direct has only a few business customers and yesterday I got a call on my cellphone from one of them and she came to visit the factory. That was cool and it was therapeutic to put on my professional demeanor and remind myself that life and business does indeed, go on. Then my brother called me and we talked long and hard about life and possible career moves for me then he emailed me a bunch of stuff that I absolutely MUST learn if I'm to get up to speed and do an IT degree. The stuff that was too big to email he has remotely installed on the server at the factory. He's that sort of IT brainy type that can do anything computerish. He also is heading to Uni this year, so I guess I won't be relying on him if my own funds run flat! After that I checked my email and my lovely tutor has agreed to a one week extension on my current assignment. I'm doing a business communications paper but have been totally unable to concentrate on the assignment which is due tomorrow. I tried to pull out of the paper but, at this stage, it is not possible without it showing on my academic record as simply a 'fail'. So, I must press on. I don't even care if I get a freaking C, I just have to do it, like Nike.

After work I made tracks for the community law centre and spent over an hour getting my ego massaged back to health by a cute and brainy law graduate. I'm certainly not looking for a man yet, but it was nice to be reminded that even though I've lived in a one-man bubble for many years, it's not a one-man world. I was learning about property law as regards de-facto relationships and it's not as simple as I thought. He also commented that less than two weeks after the end of a relationship is scarily early to be sorting out the division of assets. He suggests to wait until the immediate emotion has died down, see a family law counsellor, take it calmly. We talked a lot about the relationship and, as I was talking, I was seeing this 'from the outside' and beginning to understand that my perfect relationship probably wasn't, really. I will always think that it could have been repaired, but I also believe in personal freedom, so.. c'est la vie. After that meeting I was feeling so good that I went to C1 and scarfed a potato stuffed with chorizo and feta. My appetite is returning, I wish my grandmother would stop 'reassuring' me that the weight will just spring back on like magic because I've 'always been good at gaining weight'. I know she is just trying to be helpful...


  1. Grandmothers are ever-so-helpful. NOT!

    At least you know she loves you and means to be comforting, even if she misses the mark by quite a ways.

    Potato with chorizo and feta sounds GOOD. Although I have a hankering for scrambled eggs with smoked salmon at the moment. *wanders off to look in the fridge*

  2. You are sounding busy, busy, busy Sara!!! Lots on the go for you and I can see you will accomplish much and make lots of good things happen, (even though I know you would be feeling as if everything is sucking right now!) The massage sounded GOOD!
    I agree, parents and grandparents don't always say the most helpful things but at the same time mean well!

    Thinking of you!


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