Saturday, January 03, 2009

post deux, things I find around here.

I put these stones down into concrete when I was 8 years old. It's kind of cool that I can still find them whenever I want to.

This is 'Dahling'. He weighs 8kg and sleeps all the time. He has a sort of grumpy personality and had a boxing match with my shoe today, while it was on my foot, for no reason at all.

Yes, I know, it's out of focus but it was dark and she is black. This is Cleo, who has been a three-legged cat for two years now and has become progressively needy and a little bit weird. She is making sure to sit on both my text and my notes. She never gives up, and usually the best idea is the let her go to sleep on top of the left hand while the right hand keeps up the study. She likes a running tap. She meows for it to be turned on and then puts her face under it, lets the water run all over her face, but freaks out if it hits her paws.

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