Monday, January 05, 2009

One thing at a time

Today I am back at work and feeling a sense of sanity returning (finally!). I spoke to a friend yesterday and realised that I don't need to go throwing everything up in the air while I attempt a Quantum reshuffle of my life and myself. I can set my plan and take it one thing at a time. Decisions will become easier as I get stabilised and get in touch with myself again. Today is going to be a quiet day, I'm in the office by myself and the accumulated lack of sleep appears to have caught up with me! I'm keeping one eye on the office couch and wondering if I could sneak in a nap between the staff appearing for lunch and re-appearing for afternoon tea. I probably could. I tested it a moment ago... comfy.

I got out into the garden yesterday afternoon to spend some more quality time with my camera. Here is a nice cheerful photo. Ok, well, maybe the sunflower IS beginning to wilt a little, but the bees don't seem to mind.

This morning when I tried to brush my teeth I was pushed out of the way by a little 3-legged black cat who has an obsession for the running tap. I brushed my teeth over the bath.. it was the only way. She is super bossy and I feel I can't say no because she only has three legs.

Just looking back over the last week I feel proud of myself that, in spite of going through the most stressful time of my life, I have not resorted to any comfort eating or, even more importantly, comfort imbibing. The looming thought of a Mononucleosis relapse really kept me on the path with looking after my health, but also, I have not been trying to escape the issues that are currently around and in front of me. I'm in a 'facing things' frame of mind, which is exhaustingly difficult, but also the most healthy and positive approach. I seem to be on the way up and out of the gloom. It will be a while yet, but I can see this turning out to be the turning point of my life, where I finally decide that I'm done with the crap and let's get on with living. ;)

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