Saturday, January 24, 2009

Girls rule the world ;)

I'm just not sure what's happening to me lately. I used to be all rough and tough and 'if it doesn't feel like torture then it's not exercise' but lately I'm more about enjoying the process and going with the flow. If I'd rather take to the hills on upper body day, then so be it. Today I am nursing a sore joint in my foot.. long story, but the short version is.. when I was young and angsty, I kicked someone in the arse and broke the joint in my big toe. Now and then it becomes temporarily aggravated and hurts for about a week. I think this time I've done it to myself by prancing around in high heels being especially girly and desirable, making that man see what he was missing.

Therefore, there could be no running today and out came the weights. Near the end of my workout I was feeling the burn in the bicep curl and noted that I'd neglected to remove all of my bling. How very girly. I wonder...should I try some of those training pants with lace up the sides?

In other girly news, I present to you Miss J and her friend 'Cat in the Hat' that lives in one of the toddler rides at the supermarket. Not only is she cute, but I'm beginning to think that she could also be some sort of songwriting savant. It's not like I could possibly be biased or anything.. She's not really cross-eyed either, but is just all crazy about that plastic cat. Don't ask me why. From what I've seen children these days are all working on a whole other level and adults just have to go along and not ask questions.

Here is her first song, written yesterday. I'd just been playing my guitar and she asked me to put it on her lap so she could have a go. Obviously she can't make chords so I put the guitar in open tuning and she strummed and made up a song, just like that. It was so genius that I nearly fell over myself getting a pen to write it down. I think there would have been more verses coming but she gave herself a guitarists injury by spiking her forearm on the string ends. I, and every other guitarist, have done this and it hurts like hell so naturally this caused a sudden disruption of the creative juices. Below may be an example of what 3 year olds think is cool to sing about. The things in their world. It even had a rhyming bit and was tuneful in a toddler+Bob Dylan sort of way.

Once there was a baby
a baby and a ballet class
I think so
and she had a teddy bear
that her mum buyed it
and not something else

Once there was a baby crying
on a Sunday morning
crying waah waah
but she stopped crying
and she looked at the sun
and she goed to her mum.

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  1. Wow, you have a creative genius there! Those lyrics make more sense than half the songs I hear on the radio. ;o)


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