Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sometimes I get completely disillusioned with the whole supplement industry and want to chuck it in and start a backpackers hostel, or a really funky cafe. When you are on the very inside of anything, like I am with this industry, you really do see the 'underbelly' if there is one, and it's not pretty. Some people are all about trying to bring down the competition, whether by trying to cut off their supply chain, slander their character or even try to get them in trouble with the authorities, it's nasty in there. My sister has a foreign boyfriend whom comes up with some really quirky English. He uses the phrase 'money horny' to describe someone that loves money more than everything else and I think it fits well to some players in the supplement industry. The money horny ones that do five minutes of research, slap any old crap into a capsule and market it to death. Those are the guys that have really made me question my sanity in staying in this industry for so long. I can understand wanting to make a buck, that's business, but if you care nothing for health, or for quality, or for people, then for everyones sake.. go do something else. Stop messing with my head.

Getting sick has definitely had a silver lining and it's a nice point of focus when I'm sitting around feeling a bit sorry for myself because I'm not allowed to lift weights ;). One thing that I've worked on is building relationships within the industry with people that I think have their heads on right, their hearts in the appropriate place and their money horniness under control. Those are the exact people that have been consistently bombarding me with information and product in a genuine effort to help me get better and it's been awesome for getting a bit of perspective. I've done some work previously for an Auckland Naturopath Leanne James (and therefore I know that her products are exceptionally kick-ass ;) and I emailed her with a bunch of questions about what I should do, which of her products would be best etc etc. In response she sent me not only the product I wanted, but also her Olive Leaf product and two bottles of her vitamin and mineral blend from her online shop, and then she charged me a big fat nothing for them! Naturopath of the decade award to that woman ASAP. I already mentioned the generosity of Maca Gold, and there have been others but for reasons of Supplement Industry paranoia and confidentiality, I can't name them.
If you're reading this and want to be outed on my blog as a supplier of stuff to Sara when she was virus-ridden, then just say.

All of this generosity and unselfish exchange of information has made me remember that it's not all about money and deadlines and whacking the other guy before he whacks you. It makes me remember what I had in mind when I started Sana Direct and reminds me that non everyone is money-horny. There are still people out there that give a damn, and that's really cool and makes me feel a whole lot better about just about everything. I may still run off and start a Backpackers Hostel, but not just yet.

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Offff Of Ofisimde cilginca Ofiste(Nirvana) Ofiste Ofiste Agzinin Icine Geldim Ofiste Hic Aklima Gelmeyen Olay... Ofiste Kiz Arkadasimla Ofiste Seks... ofiste siktim sonunda Ofis Fantazilerinin Gerceklesmesi Ofis Fantezileri Ofis Fantezileri 2 Ofis Macerasi 3 Ofis Odasinda Oflu Karim 2 Of Anam Of Of Ayse Of Of Burcu Of Of Esra Of.. Of Pinar Oglumla..Ben Oglumun Arkadasi Beni.. Oglumun Arkadasi Beni Oglumun ogretmeni Ile Marmariste. ogrencilerimle ogrencimin Annesi ogrencim Seda ogrencin Ve Ben ogrenci Alemi ogretim Gorevlisi Ogretmene santaj ogretmenim Ogretmenimi Siktim ogretmenimle ogRETMENIMLE DERS ogretmenimle Sex ogretmenimle Sinifta... ogretmenim Benim Canim ogretmenim Benim Canim Benim ogretmenim Canim Benim ogretmenim Serap Ilk Deneyim Ogretmenim Ve Ben... ogretmenim Ve Ben ogretmenin sisman karisi ogretmeni Gotten Siktim ogretmen ogrenci Iliskisi ogRETMEN VE ANA KIZ ogrettim


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