Monday, December 29, 2008

Good Riddance to 2008!

Firstly, Sana customers, the website is currently down, and may be for quite some time, but I still have stock so send me an email if you want something.

Well! What's going on with me to make me so pleased to see the end of 2008? Let's see.. there was the stupid illness that dragged on for so long, the stupid stresses at work and then the stupid relationship breakdown on, of all days, the day after xmas, leaving me to face the start of 2009 as a single girl with my entire life in a state of disrepair. If there is to be a silver lining.. and being a girl, I do consider this a bit of a perk, it's that I've had so little appetite that keeping my nutrition on track has been more a case of making myself eat, rather than trying to haul in the junkfood cravings and I've lost a few kg's. It's important to stay focused on something positive in times like this. I've been really conscious of keeping my nutrition healthy so that I don't get sick again and I've been exercising, just to get a few 'feeling good' endorphins, temporarily. I've moved out of our house and am staying at my sisters house while she is away in Fiji (wish I was there!), then we will have to go through the heinousness of dividing our assets.

I'm sure that nearly everyone reading this blog has been through a breakup and there is no point to me emptying my guts into this post and saying things I might potentially find embarrassing later, so I'll just say that it does suck (Lisa, yes it does suck big hairy ones). It's also a wake-up call that I need to get my life together ASAP and now is just the time to do it.. career, health, personal life, all needs an overhaul. I'm making a list of all the things I've been wanting to do - learn about photography, finish my degree, learn how to make a website, get my teeth improved, take a writing course, that sort of thing. Then there is the more emotionally challenging stuff.. find a new dance partner so I can continue to work on Salsa, find and buy a house and furnish it, rearrange my plans for the future, decide what to do with Sana Direct, go back to work and face all the questions (oh, yay...) and the hardest - find a way to explain to the 3 year old niece why there is someone not as present in her life as he used to be - I really don't know what to do there to make it ok for her.

So, let's hear it, all you people that are out the other side! Let's hear your breakup stories! How did you get over it and go on to have fun and fabulous times? Any advice? I'm all ears. You can post in comments or email me:


  1. Anonymous3:47 am

    Bah! Not sure if you want a big pregnant cyber hug or not but I'll give you one anyway! Chin up, have some wine, remember that you are completely fabulous and amazing! I bet 2009 will bring great things to you! xoxoxoxoxo

    Ah... breakups... No advice here. With my Worst Breakup Ever I just kept busy with studies and obsessively counting calories, which I DO NOT SUGGEST. Just be good to yourself and take some time to be selfish. Make it ALL ABOUT YOU now.

  2. Anonymous1:40 pm

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