Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Today I am skipping training and study and everything industrious in favour of slacking off and having an early night. My tummy feels oddly uncomfortable and I'm hoping that this is not the result of spending considerable time with my sick niece over the last few days. I'm x-ing fingers and toes that it will become nothing, seeing as I just fought off a throaty thing. Surely there is some rule that says it's universally unacceptable for a virus to attack when another virus has just been ousted. I'm sure I'll wake up fine and certainly won't get that 24 hour vomit thing that my sister experienced. As I mentioned in another post, my stomach is pretty good, probably made of teflon, and isn't one of those 'easy evac' jobs that some people seem to have.

So, without much forethought or structure, here are some random post-fillers.

Today the Niece and I painted a teaset. Her attention span petered out after a few plates and a jug so she proceeded to finger-paint herself, then she felt sick and lay on the couch directing my artistic efforts. Result (?):
I found a bug smooshed into a bag, kind of melted into it, so it must have been there in the manufacturing process. Yes, this is one of the bags that we pack the WPC into. After informing the manufacturer and spending hours checking all the rest of the bags inside and out, I was going to throw it away, but wouldn't that be a waste? I think I'll send it to Kek with her next WPC shipment and change the label to read 'with extra protein, possibly of earwig source'.
In these tough economic times one might to forget to pay the bills. I know someone that has a lot of bills and occasionally gets a letter from a debt collection agency. Below is a logo and catchphrase that I scanned from a recent letter. It's lovely. This Auckland company has a stone for their logo and it has a little speech bubble that says 'blood out of a stone'. I mean, is that really necessary? I was just thinking... people kill themselves over bad debt, and wouldn't that little phrase be a great thing to see when you open your mail after spending 3 hours talking yourself into facing the day? I suppose they think they are being funny, getting a few laughs while they consider whether the collection fee will be ridiculous or merely outrageous this time? Maybe the job lacks for thrills. Maybe the company is run by Tony Soprano, who knows?

St Dalfour Gourmet to Go. I discovered these on a jetstar flight and was delerious with delight to spy them recently in the Fresh Choice supermarket. You open the can and everything is recognisable. The ingredient list contains no numbers and in fact there are no additives except xantham and guar gum, which are things I use to turn my smoothies into concrete mix at least once a week anyway. St Dalfours don't hold back on the sodium, but other than that, this is convenience food at it's best and everything but the foil lid is recyclable. And there is a little plastic fork. And extra salt and pepper in little sachets. Cute. Oops, to prove to myself that I'm really not fit for the public tonight, I just nearly posted this whole rambling post on the wrong blog and had to do some painstaking cut-and-pasting, then re-upload all the photos... yes, it's time to retire for the day before I actually achieve public humiliation.. (again?).


  1. Surely AQIS would confiscate the bug-infested product? I mean, animal protein and all.

    Don't you DARE.

  2. Hope you are feeling better. By the way, I just gave you the Super Scribler award on my site! Check in the TT forums sometime - we miss you!


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