Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sugar and Spice...

I thought little girls were supposed to be all cute and lovely and curls and pink sparkly things? I don't know what I was like at 3 years old, but I'm pretty sure I didn't use words like 'bum-hole' and 'pee-hole' or insist that I want my hair to be 'WILD today, Aunty Sara' (i.e. it shall not be brushed, or tied back or controlled in any manner). Next week I'm expecting her to come home from pre-school with a tongue piercing, on a motorbike. Thank you Sara T, for recommending the starfall alphabet learning site, it was a hit and will undoubtedly add more finesse to her Kiwi/Aussie/American/German accent which comes from home+travel +the wiggles+spongebob+blues clues+hannah montana.

(note to SaraT) Also, the Niece and I surfed your blog together and she asked all sorts of questions about Ethan, some of which I just had to invent answers for. Like, I'm sure you were at the Pumpkin farm because Ethan loves pumpkins and all other veges because in America you mostly eat veges all the time and icecream only on birthdays.


Today I am at home for two reasons. 1. It's show day. The factory entrance is directly opposite the entrance to the Agricultural Park and it becomes a confusing traffic jumble with horse-floats and cattle trucks and the ocassional ferris wheel squeezing their way past each other. I looked out the window yesterday about 4pm and observed that the traffic had been stationary for about 15 minutes while some large vehicle tried to perform a contortionist feat to get itself through the gate and decided that no way am I going anywhere near that in my 'no air-con' car on a stinking hot day. 2. I'm SICK. I've had a sore throat for abut two weeks and today my ears hurt too, so I'm a bit sorry for myself and moping around. I'm going to try and fight it off naturally, but if I'm not significantly improved by Monday I'll go to the doctor to be officially told that I've got the latest virus that's going around. There actually IS a nasty lurgy currently doing the rounds, but everyone else seems to have the 'spewing' version. I never get vomit-bugs. I think my stomach is made of teflon or maybe that fancy silicon stuff, but my weak area is my throat and ears and that's where it always gets me but I only get sick if I'm letting myself get stressed out. So, the next four days are about relaxing and vitamin C and veges, and tonights party if I feel up to it. It's just that 'celebrating' time of year. Weight is maintaining, which is a pleasing result considering the dangers of the festive season. My only trick is to avoid alcohol. With a few drinks in me, I lose all decorum and become unreasonably attracted to the 'gorilla balls' dessert at Henry Africas.


  1. I'm sorry you're sick! BLECH! We NEVER get sick in America, due to our high vegetable consumption. :D That is too cute! I'm going to tell Ethan that the arranged marriage is all set...

  2. Aww, hug for ya! Now go take your glutamine! And de-stress a bit. (yeah, look who's talking!)

    Gorilla balls, you say? Hmmm...are they as big as Medley Mountain?

  3. They're BIG, about the size of two large oranges. Massive. They are icecream, coated in biscuit crumble then deep fried. Anyway, I shared with someone... ;)

  4. Sara T, ok, you're on. In about 30 years. Does that suit you?


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