Friday, November 28, 2008

The reign of the micro-organisms

Do you know that a virus is not even, technically, 'alive'? It's more like a scary, virtually indestructible, machine that operates in response to triggers from it's environment and can't really do anything without a host. I don't know the technicalities of why it's not 'life' but this little piece of 'it's not really even life!' info must have impressed me when I discovered it while studying microbiology. In my opinion microbes are the most powerful thing on earth, probably more powerful than love. If bacteria, viruses and protozoa had a brain and decided to take out the human race, they could do it. You know all those 'civilisation wiped out by a mutant microbe' movies like 'Resident Evil' and 'I am Legend' (and 'Shaun of the Dead' *snort*) where an infectious virus turns the population into man-eating zombies? Yeah.. that did actually happen to me. Well, not the flesh-eating bit (yet!), but the pasty face, stagger, groan, inability to converse. It's all there. Obviously, today my zombie abilities have advanced to computer work, which indicates I might be reverting to human Sara. That would be a good thing. I'll know for sure once my appetite returns.

I've been writing somewhat whiny posts for the last month or so. 'I'm tired', 'My throat hurts', 'I'm skipping training', that sort of thing, you may have noticied but been too nice to say anything. Then over the weekend, those little 'come and go' advance virus scouts decided to move in all their friends and declared my body to be virus party central. I dragged my sweaty, feverish, achy self off to the doctor and she took a bunch of tests, prescribed me an antibiotic and sent me home to the joys of non-stop Crime and Investigation Channel. Sometimes I switch to 'E - Entertainment Network. I think I need more forensic tv in my life. It's fabulous.

I called the doctors office for the test results Tuesday morning. My doctor had previously told me that she was sure my iron levels were low, but the nurse said they were ok (good), but that this needs to be tested because there were other serious abnormalities in my blood that suggested my body is fighting a viral infection (bad.. also, no kidding). Then she said my platelets are low and it all needs to be tested again in two weeks once I'm a bit better. Also, the iron count can't be trusted because for some reason it gives a false high when you are infected with something. This morning, after 5 days of just getting worse, I reluctantly booked another doctors appointment and this doctor took one look at my blood test and said that it's clear I have glandular fever, which for you Americans, is 'mono'. The protocol is to rest, drink water, take painkillers, avoid rubbing those protruding lymph glands (so interesting, look at my lumpy neck!) and wait it out for a few WEEKS, or if I'm unlucky, a few months. As she was saying this, I was mentally processing. You've got to be kidding me? I have two businesses, and study, and run around after my family, I can't be sick for weeks! months?? Make me better! Zap me with a magic anti-epstein-barr virus thingy! I probably would have cried, except, that requires energy.

Once I got home and calmed myself I realised that I don't need to panic and be such a drama queen. I DO need to manage my life a bit better. My body has been giving me 'slow down' signals for a long time, but I didn't. I have an oversensitive guilt complex and when it comes to work I have issues with not being there. I just persisted, even though many days I wasn't exactly productive (I believe the newly coined word for this is 'presentee-ism') and so I learned the hard way that the message progresses from 'slow down' to 'slow down' to 'slow dowwwwn' to 'ok, STOP now you crazy woman'. I've started researching what the field of natural medicine has to offer in the treatment of Glandular Fever and I've also emailed a bunch of pesky questions to a naturopath that I know. There are a number of natural anti-virals, like olive leaf, available and then there is the other task of building up my embattled immune system with the right vitamins and minerals. I'm interested in investigating Lysine, which seems to be of use in treating viral diseases. The Lysine is interesting and answers a question I already had in my mind about why formulations high in Arginine could cause cold-sores (not exactly a way to get repeat customers). I got a tip from a very experienced formulator in Aussie that adding an equal amount of Lysine into the formulation would stop this happening. Today I learned that Arginine turns up the activity of the herpes virus and Lysine calms it down. It's little discoveries like this one that keep me going in this industry... ;)


  1. I'm sorry for you Sara. I caught it when I was 28 and it took me about two years to get rid of it.
    You wrote :"If bacteria, viruses and protozoa had a brain and decided to take out the human race, they could do it."
    Well, that also applies to human beings. If they had a brain they could take out all viruses and harmful bacteria.
    Hope you get better soon.

  2. AARGH!! Get lots of rest (yes, yes, I know - you're so GOOD at that...), eat bazillions of veggies and take those supps. I'm sure you'll kick this thing in record time.

    Wish I was there to bring you lots of chocolate. And a blankie. ;o)

  3. major BUMMER, dude. sorry you don't feel well! hope it passes soon.

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Annem Ve Dostu Annem Ve Fantazilerim Annem Ve Kardesim Annem Ve Karim Annem Ve Kizkardesim Annem Ve Kiz Kardesim Annem Ve Kocalari Annem Ve Kuzenim Hulya Annem Ve Sucu Annem Ve Tangalari Annem Ve Teyzem Annem Ve Teyzem 2 Annem Ve uvey Halam Annem Ve Yengem Annem Vs Babam Sayesinde Kardesim Vs Ben Annem Yakaladi Annem Yardim Ederken Annem Yarraksiz Kalinca Annem Yengem Ve Ben Annem Yokken Annenim Kulotlu coraplari Annennemi Siktim Annesine Asik Annesine Fordculuk Yaptik Annesini Siktirdi Bana Annesin Oglu Mustafa Annesi Guzel Anneyle Ask Anne Benim Anne Ile Kizi Ayni Anda Anne Olsada O Da Bi Disi. Anne Seni Seviyorum. Anne Ve Babam Anne Ve Kizi Anne Ve Teyze Annmele Hikayelerin Devami 1 Annnnnnnnnem Antalyada Ablami Antalyada Kuzenim Asli Ile Birlikte Aptal Babam Aptal Kiz Arabada Baslayan Yakinlasma Arabamda Kuzenimle Balik Etli Annesi Azgin cikti Arkadaaaaaasin Annesi Arkadasima Uyup.. arkadasimin annesi Arkadasimin Ablasi Arkadasimin Annesi Arkadasimin Annesi Bastan cikardi... Arkadasimin Karisi Arkadasimin Karisinin S........ Arkadasimin Karisiyla Arkadasimin Karisi Ve Baldizi Arkadasimin Kizi Arkadasimin Kizi 2 Arkadasimla Ben. Arkadasim Ablami Becerdi Ben Baktim Arkadasim Annemi Sikti.... Arkadasim Gaymis Arkadaslarim Annemi Siktiler Arkadas Kazigi Arkadas Kiyagi Artik Halam Karim Oldu Artik Her Gun Artik Kocami Istemiyorum Artik Sadece Annem Var arzu Asansorde Orgazm Asigim Ona..! Asiye Abla Askerden Donunce (1) Askerden Donunce (2) Askerden Donunce (3) Askerden Donunce (4) Askerden Donunce (5) Askerlik oncesi Guzel Gunler Asker Daveti(devam) Asker Donusu Asker Donusu Yengemle Asker Ziyareti Askim Askim Abiim Askim Ablam Askim Teyzem..! Askim Ve Abim Askim Yengem Aslan Bacanak Asla Inanamayacaksiniz Aslinda Annem Benim Herseyimmis Asli Ablanin Dugunu Asli Yengem Asuman Yengem Atesini Sondurdum Atesli Halamm Atesli Hatunlar Yengem Hacer Atesli Kardessim Atesli Kaynanam Atesli Yengem Atesli Yengemin Atesini Somdurdum Ates Gibiydi Baldizimin Vucudu Avrupali Lolita Avrupali Lolita 2 Avrupali Lolita 3 Ayfer Teyzem Ayla Ayla Ablam Aylinin Ilki Aynur..! Aynur Teyzem Aynur Teyzem 2 Aysenin Sirri Aysen Teyze Ile Ayse Teyzem Ayse Yengeme Lise Kiyafeti Giydirip Siktim Ayse Yengemi Pompaladim Azcik Emince Agzina Patladim... azgin yengem 2 azgin yengem Azgin Baldiz Azgin Baldizim Azgin Eda Azgin Enistem Ve Ben Azgin Halam AZGIN HALAM 1 Azgin Hatun Azgin Kardesim Tuna Azgin Kaynanam... Azgin Kaynanam. Azgin Kaynanam Azgin Kaynanam1 Azgin Kuzenim Hale!! Azgin Kuzenim Hale Azgin Leyla Azgin Teyzem Azgin Ufak Kardesimle Sex Azgin Yegenim Ve Dekolte Kiyafeti Azgin Yengem!! Azgin Yengem Azgin Yengemin Ablasi Eda Azgin Yengem Ve Ablasi Eda azgın baldızım Azimle Siken Gotu Deler Azmistim Azmis Kaynanam Babaannem Babaannemi Ayakta Zevke Getirdim.. Babaannemm Ve Fantezi Babacigim Ve Gobek Deligim Babacigim Ve Sevgilimle Ayni Anda Babacimi babam ve kaynanam babam ve abim Babam Babama Ablami Sundum Babama Verdim Babama Vermenin Senaryolari 1 Babama Vermenin Senaryolari 2 Babama Vermenin Senaryolari Giris Babamdan Dayak Yerine Yarrak Yedim Babamdan Sonra Enistem Babamida Siktimya Helel Olsun Bana Babamin Altinda Babamin Amcasinin Ogluyla Babamin Got Meraki Babamin Gunlugu568 Babamin Kadini Oldugum Anlar Babamin Kocaman Yarragi Babamin Kucaginda Babamin Yaptiklari Babamin Yataginda Babami Azdirdim Babami Azdirisim Babami Gozetlerken 2 Babami Hala Unutmadim Babami Komsumuzla Yakaladim Babami Tahrik Ettim Babamla.!. Babamla Babamlami Bir Daha Asla Babamla 1 Hafta Babamla Ayni Yatakta Yatardik Babamla Banyoda Ne Yaptik Babamla Banyoda Ne Yaptik 2 Babamla Harika Tatil Babamla Ilk Babamla Kardesimm Babamla Otelde Babamla Teyzemin Gizli Iliskileri Babamla Ve Ablama Tuzak Babamla Yattim BABAMLA ZORLA Babam Abim Ben Ablama Babam Annem Ve Arkadaslari Babam Bana Atladi BABAM BANA BEN BABAMA SOKTUM BABAM BANA HIc ACIMADAN GEcIRDI Babam Bana Tecavuz Etti Babam Beni Fena Sikti Babam Beni Fena Sikti 2 Babam Beni Fena Sikti 3 Babam Beni Fena Sikti 4 Babam Beni Fena Sikti 5 Babam Beni Fena Sikti 6 Babam Beni Fena Sikti 8 Babam Beni Fena Sikti 9 Babam Beni Yakalayinca.. Babam Ben Hale 22cm Ve 19cm Babam Hasanla Babam Istegi BABAM LA OTOBuSTE BAsLADI. Babam Sarhostu Babam Ve 4 Arkadasi Delice Siktiler Babam Ve Arkadaslari Babam Ve Arkadaso Talat 2 Babam Ve Ben.. Babam Ve Ben Babam Ve Ben Mutesemdi Babam Ve Kaynanam Babannemin Feryadi Babasinin Seksi Fahisesinin Hikayeleri 1 Babasi Ve Arkadaslari Baba Kiz... Baba Ogul Baba ogul Yarista Baba Ogul Yengeme.... Baba Tokadi BACANAgIN TEYZESI BACANAK VEYSEL Bacim Bagirta Bagirta Bahcede Domalttim Kuzenimi Bahceliev 5 Bahceliev 6 Bahceli Ev 1 Bahceli Ev 2 Bahceli Ev 3 Bahceli Ev 4 Bahceli Ev 5 Bahceli Ev 7 Bakire Kardesim


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