Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The weird food files

I really must make time for a proper catch up, but I'm still deep in the study bubble and won't be coming up for air in the next week. Yesterday I was panicking, but then, ten minutes after my freak out I finally managed to get some order into my thoughts and constructed the essay outline. The structure is the most important thing, everything else just hangs off it, like your face hangs off your cheekbones. It's all about having a good structure.

Once the assignment is written I must get back to blabbing on about my training, how I did in the Breakthrough Challenge, what I'm doing with Eat Stop Eat and what's happening to my corneal flaps on August 29th.

I've started to collect pics of weird food. It may be my new thing, except that it's a pretty pathetic collection so far. Feel free to email me any worthy additions.

1. Chocolate potato chips. I have to admit that I do want to try them. I don't even know why. Perhaps they are so wrong that they have to be right?

2. Horsemeat icecream. No elaboration necessary. 3. Marmite Guinness. I swiped this one from Dietgirl. She actually has these in her fridge. I guess that living in Scotland will do that to you.. ;)


  1. OK, the chips and marmite Guinness I can almost understand... but HORSEMEAT ICE CREAM .... hell that is just gross!

  2. I seem to remember you considered bringing me some choc-coated potato chips last time you visited. I really think I'd prefer my chips and choc separate though.

  3. Hi Sana
    Just wondering if you are still doing the intermittent fasting? I have been playing around with it this week and am deciding whether to buy the book [E-S-E] or if it is as simple as don't eat, then eat healthy food?


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