Friday, August 29, 2008

In a flap

Ok, so later today a nicely dressed man will take a surgical implement and lift up the front surface of my eyeball -my already made corneal flaps - so that I can have yet more of my corneal surface lasered off (and doesn't that smell lovely). Apparently it's not so big a deal as the first time and there is no eyeball suction involved, yay....

I normally should be freaking out about this event, but I'm too fully involved with a completely different freak out, which is that I now have approximately four hours to complete and send my assignmnent, which I know is far from a gorgeous effort. It's un-gorgeous, and at the moment I'm just thinking.. well, if I can scrape out a C by sending an unfinished effort, at least I'll still pass the paper. If I send a big, fat nothing then that's an instant fail.

So, I'll be offline for a few days, resting up my new super-vision, but when I get back I'll no doubt be able to see through walls. It had better be at least that good, I mean, who has to have Lasik TWICE? Only me, with my special eyeballs.

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  1. Nothing like a bit of Oops, I left it to the last minute (AGAIN) pressure to motivate you.

    The surgery will be fine, you hear? You'll be FINE. I'll shout you some more Koko Black when you come over here in - OH, CRAP! - 5 weeks time....



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