Sunday, July 20, 2008

Library, Lasik, the 'eat plants' book

Studying while also juggling life and business does involve some serious scheduling skills and there is sometimes a lack of instant gratification. It's going to be years before I get to the big moment of completion and so I have to focus on the mad perks of the situation, like the fact that while I'm a student, I have full use of the University Distance Library. I just log in, select the books I want (and so far they have every book I've searched for) and voila! the next day they materialise on my doorstep along with a postage paid sticker to ensure their safe return in a month. I wish everything in life were so streamlined. Its fab.

I've just finished reading 'In Defence of Food' which is the book I was raving about even before I'd laid eyes on the first page. This is the 'Eat food, not too much, mostly plants' book, written by journalist Michael Pollan. One day I may buy this book, and then I might also buy a copy of 'The Hungry Years' and then I'll put them on my bookshelf side by side so that they can hold hands and be the Yin and Yang of the real food movement. Stripped down to the foundations of the message both books say the same thing - 'don't let the food industry tell you what to eat'.

How could you not love a book that refers to the lack of industry backed health claims on fresh food as the silence of the yams? *Snort*.

Edit: after posting this I was doing a bit of blog surfing and noticed that my good friend Sara (currently Sara 'with passenger') is a good couple of weeks ahead of me and her review of In Defense of Food is much better. Check it out.

On Friday I had my three month Lasik checkup. Over the last three weeks I've suspected that my left eye is developing some astigmatism. This is the eye that was tested as better than 20/20 at the one month checkup. I've been doing the left eye - right eye - left eye comparison when looking at small letters and concluded that the vision in my left eye is now about the same as my right, which has an astigmatism of -0.75 diopters. I must be uncommonly in tune with my eyeballs, because the vision testing proved me more or less right. The left eye now has -1 diopters of astigmatism and the right eye is unchanged. My opthalmologist was impressed at my self-diagnosis and has given me a month to decide how much this slight astigmatism annoys me. I think it actually annoys me less than when it was only in the right eye because now at least I have uniformity.

In four weeks I will meet with the doctor and decide if I want to get an enhancement done. At the moment I'm undecided. Because I'm studying I certainly couldn't go another month without being able to read normal type like I did after the first surgery. Apparently an enhancement has a much reduced healing time but you still have to put up with a few months of dry eyes and the worrying risk of longer term eye-watering issues. I know someone that has a permanent dry-eye problem after a Lasik enhancement, so maybe I'll just stick with what I've got which is, after all, pretty good. Do I stick with good or aim for perfect and risk messing up what I've got? It's a very serious question.

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