Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Groovy, Baby!

Today I was rescued from a terrifying earthquake by Superman. I also saved Gotham city, got locked in the evil Lord Farquaards torture chamber, high-fived with Tweetie bird, Batman and Shrek, watched a parade MC’d by Austin Powers and ate a dubious tuna salad that came in a ‘cob’ which is a bowl made of bread. Movie World! – a place where it's best to remember that, although it's tempting to go crazy buying fluffy toys, they do take up a lot of room in the suitcase!

In the spirit of ‘getting right into it’ we started with the 100kph ‘Superman Escape’, only later figuring out that this rollercoaster is the highest rated ride in the park. That is, it has the most potential to make you throw up and /or vow to never do that again. Check out the first turn.
Luckily I have a cast-iron stomach, but one of us, whom shall remain anonymous, actually lost her breakfast. Also luckily, that happened about 15 minutes after the ride was finished. The only ride that made me feel ‘green’ was the Batman Adventure, which puts you in a flight simulator, weaving through Gotham city chasing the joker and the evil Mr Freeze. It’s very realistic and fortunately we saved the day, blasted the evil Mr Freeze into the afterlife and then Batgirl safely crash-landed our craft and we stumbled out into the daylight feeling victorious and a little bit queasy. Also worth the outrageous entry fee is the Shrek 4-d experience. It’s a 3-d movie with added ‘seat effects’ like movement and strong puffs of air which are creatively directed to simulate, for example, spiders running around your ankles. Coool!

After the rollercoaster, my vision blurred for about 30 seconds and I was worried about what all those G’s (3 negative, 1 positive G) had done to my Lasik, or more specifically, my corneal flaps which I am endlessly paranoid about. After a few blinks and some drops it came right, but I was concerned enough to avoid the Batwing ride, which is a ‘Tower of Death’ type ride, straight up and straight down, 4 G’s. Later I remembered that NASA astronauts have the same type of Lasik that I had, so a theme park ride is surely ok, but I seem to recall something about taking it easy for three months at least. I’ll ask about that at the next check-up. I’m sure Dr Kent will give me that ‘I’m trying not to laugh’ look again when I ask him about such age inappropriate activities as riding the Lethal Weapon - upside down, 85kmh, 4G’s. I'm such a kid. I will post more Movie World pics tomorrow.


  1. YIKES! I would have lost my breakfast too!!!! Have fun chick!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I love coasters.


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