Monday, May 05, 2008

Uh-could we spin less please? (I may chuck.)

Yesterday was one of those awesome Sundays. I did a lot of cooking - quiche, roasted chickpeas and tried out a new home-made baked beans recipe, all of which were successful. I did my first Turbulence Training weekly bodyweight challenge and it did not kill me, though it certainly tried. This is higher rep bodyweight stuff, and I definitely noticed the change of pace from the lower rep work I have been doing. I'm not at all sore today, but I do recall one point, probably the bazillionth pushup, where I was all shaky and thinking that I'd better remember to take my post-workout L-Glutamine. It must have worked.

Later in the day I had my first Salsa class since having Lasik and I got to gross my Salsa buddies out by describing the 'flap and zap' procedure. I suppose it does sound kind of icky. People get more squeamish hearing about Lasik than they do when I say 'my kidney was taken out, re-designed and put back'. I think it's got something to do with being awake during the procedure, although I'm beginning to wonder how awake I actually was. Yesterday I was whining again that my vision was fluctuating and Jase said 'but they told you many times that this would happen', and I'm like....'they did?'. Then, on the way to Salsa, I found a cap in the car that had '' across the back. Jase tells me that they gave it to me at the clinic and that I was so thrilled I put it on my head. I do not recall any of that. Perhaps that little sedative worked better than I thought it did. Now, where was I? Salsa class. I don't know if it's my new vision or if I'm still recovering from the cold but I was persistently dizzy to the point of nausea when doing turns and spins - which is nearly all the time in Salsa. At one point I was about .002 seconds from throwing up and had to stop. It felt like motion sickness and I also noticed more going on, visually, when I'm spinning. Like, with glasses, I had a clear patch in front of my eyes and the rest was just fuzz. I was always just looking ahead and I suppose it helped to keep my head facing the right way, as you are supposed to do (spotting, it's called, where you fix your eyes on a certain point in order to help you avoid becoming dizzy - different to spotting in context of the gym). I need to practice. Throwing up on the dance floor would be very uncool and would probably lead to difficulty in finding dance partners when out socialising.


  1. I would have felt the same, I get dizzy spinning around and throw up too... not a good look. Glad you avoided throwing up chick.

  2. Hi Sara, I should have popped in more often, but as I have 'lost the diet plot' lately I didn't want to .. your blog is all about fitness and doing the right thing with food and health.. and I felt like a failure! I have stopped visiting quite a few health blogs actually... Lasik eye surgery.. my husband would love to get that done too. did it hurt? How much did it cost? Has it been worth it?

  3. Hey Sara, its awesome that you can get back into salsa dancing, I'm still trying to find a partner that is willing to sign up with me. Nobody wants to spend the money though which is a bummer.

    Its a good thing that u didnt get sick on the dance floor.

  4. How's the vision today, Toots?

  5. The eyes are doing fine now, almost perfect I reckon, thanks to your magic chocs. Definitely perfect vision in the left. The right (which had a higher correction) is still a bit random. Nah, it didn't hurt, Chris. Read back a few posts for the full story.

    Juan, I don't know how Salsa class works in your part of the world but here, you do not need to bring a partner. You swap partners frequently in order to get practice dancing with different people. I think there are only three couples that attend our class. The rest are there on their own.

  6. Man I need to be going to your classes Sara. There is a guideline here stating partner needed. Bummer.


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