Friday, May 30, 2008

TT19, 66 days to go! Lasik update

Yesterday, being my actual birthday day, was a pre-designated 'non-compliance' day. I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted, which turned out to be not too much different to the usual plan, but with the addition of some yo-yo biscuits (my favourite!), caramel chocolate and apple pie with icecream. I once read an interview with Bill Philips, where he was discussing his approach to special occasions. He said something like - the main problem with indulging, is that people don't indulge when they should and then they do indulge later, when they shouldn't. I can understand that. If I'd held myself back on my birthday, then you can be sure that today, or tomorrow, I'd be in the presence of something delicious and I'd be telling myself 'well, I didn't really indulge on my birthday, so I deserve it'. That thought pattern could persist for a week. Far better to cut loose for a night, then get right back to my regular routine.

Today I'm back on the path. I do feel a bit squishy in the belly area, but as I'm avoiding the scales for the moment, I can also live in ignorant bliss about what they might say. I will weigh in at the half way point of my challenge and by then, the post birthday jiggle will be long gone. Fridays are my rest day, but I'll probably do some Salsa tonight and some stretching.

Yesterday morning was also my Lasik one month follow-up. So far, so good! My left eye has slightly better than 20/20 vision and is fully healed up, looking and behaving like a model patient. At the post-op check (day after the surgery) my right eye was (intentionally) over-corrected, meaning I was temporarily long-sighted. This has resolved itself, as expected, but the astigmatism that was there at the post-op check is still there and is unchanged. So, the vision in my right eye is slightly less than 20/20. At the 3 month check they will decide if I need a revision to fix the slight remaining astigmatism. It's really not bad. I can see the computer screen and read with my right eye, even quite fine print, it just requires a bit more concentration.


  1. Glad you had a great birthday... got your email, just busy (I mean, really - who WORKS on a Friday night??) and waaaay behind on answering emails.

    And.... GAH! about the ex. Poor guy, how awful.

  2. Sara,

    First of all, Happy birthday!

    Deliberate Lasik overcorrection to accommodate expected regression of effect is a relatively common technique to provide the lowest probability of enhancement surgery for people who are very myopic (nearsighted, shortsighted). It sounds like your surgeon was able to target the desired final result.

    I work for a nonprofit nongovermental Lasik patient advocacy. We don't provide Lasik, just Lasik information and we certify US Lasik doctors.

    Astigmatism is when the cornea (clear front of the eye) is not spherical like the top of a ball, but is elliptical like the back of a spoon. The "tip" of the spoon can focus some light off-center. This can present as slightly blurred vision. More severe astigmatism can cause ghost images next to the main image.

    Don't be in a rush to make a decision about enhancement surgery. The eye is very good at trying to correct imperfections, given enough time. And remember that "better" is the enemy of "good".

    Glenn Hagele
    Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance

    I am not a doctor.

  3. Thanks Glen. Honestly, I'm so happy with the outcome of my Lasik that I'd already been thinking that if this is as good as it gets, then that's really ok. Previously I could not see a thing and was completely helpless without glasses or contacts (and I hated the fuss and discomfort of contacts). Thanks for your input.


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