Saturday, May 24, 2008

TT day 14, 72 days to go!

Today we had our first playground incident. When I took the niece back to her mum today I felt like I should file a written 'incident report' like they do at daycare! Today it was raining. It was cold. I picked J up this morning and the first thing she said was 'can we go to the playground?'. I explained that it's wet and that the playground things would all be too wet and slippery. She went to bathroom to get a towel and told me 'uncle Jase can dry the slide for us'. Stubborn as only a two year old can be. I deferred all day. We did other stuff, we took my car for a warrant re-test (passed!), we drew pictures, we watched 'Garfield goes live' and then, finally, we went to the playground because she wore me down with sheer toddler persistence. Of course everything was wet, but being the crazy active sort of girl she is, she wanted to go down the big slide. Jase went up the stairs with her and put his camera around my neck - it's a big, professional thing, with a long lens. J came down the slide like a bullet from a gun because it was so wet and super-slippy. I lunged to catch her at the end and the camera connected with her upper lip and there was tears and some blood and a severe case of Aunty guilt. I gave her a hug and said that her mum would give her a special mum kiss to make it better later. She said (in between sobs) 'I want some icecream'. I guess emotional eating kicks in early....


Yesterday, none, just lot's of mad running around the factory warehouse loading boxes onto pallets. That's got to count for something!

Today, Workout B from the Turbulence Training Bodyweight 1000, which includes 20 minutes of interval cardio. Tomorrow is my bodyweight challenge for the week and also my Salsa class. I don't think it's a good idea to put the bodyweight challenge a day after Workout B because the bodyweight challenges are killer, but that is just the way it worked out this week. Next week I'll be more organised.


1. Oatbran and eggwhites, berries, 5g omega 3
2. Chicken cooked with tomatoes, leeks, mushrooms and white kidney beans, salad
3. Green omlette with laughing cow cheese
4. 10% meal Roast lamb, salad, green veges, dessert (which was a little chocolate and a massive caramel/chocolate dessert), wine
5. Banana, laughing cow cheese

1. Oatbran, eggwhites, berries, a little milk
2. Green omlette, 2 x laughing cow lite wedges, salsa, 5g omega 3
3. 'Zoneperfect' bar, apple
4. almonds, hazelnuts, 1/2 small orange, cottage cheese
5. Kumara topped with mince (see dinnercam above - the kumara is under the mince/beans) and mixed chilli beans cooked with tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. Broccoli with tzatziki sauce, rocket salad, glass of wine (ok.. more like 1.5 glasses, it's Saturday night)

I'm not sure whether I should be concerned that I seem to have swapped daily chocolate consumption for daily wine consumption! At the moment I am finding it a nice, relaxing thing at the end of my currently stressful days and it is certainly less damaging, calorie-wise than chocolate. I'll endeavour to keep it to one small glass a day, aim for several wine-free days a week and see how I progress. It's the results that count.


  1. I had wine with dinner too. And I'm having it again tomorrow. My excuse is, it's our wedding anniversary tomorrow (yes, you CAN celebrate all weekend).

    Since it's your birthday soon, I believe you're entitled to have a drink or three. *clinks glasses with you*

  2. Oh - and you so need a supply of TV character band-aids. They make everything better. Although maybe not so much for lips.

  3. I've GOT Shrek bandaids and Winnie the Puuh (got the 'Puuh' ones in Germany). The Shrek ones are everywhere. There is one stuck in the middle of my Turbulence Training journal, there's one on my puffy jacket that I just can't get off!
    Very interesting having a toddler around. Today I picked up my training folder and about 20 curtain hooks dropped out of the bottom. I don't think it was Jase that put them there!

  4. The day you rummage in your bag in a shop for your purse or car keys and pull out a tiny pair of underpants, you know you've got a toilet-training toddler.

    Less embarrassing than a pair of crotchless knickers, I suppose.


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