Friday, May 23, 2008


There is so much to blog about lately (that's good, right?). It's my birthday next week and I've been 'strongly hinting' to Jase that I would really like to see the Tango show 'One Night in Buenos Aires' which is touring NZ at the moment. Out of all the dance styles I am familiar with, Tango is the one that I find most visually arresting. Performed masterfully, the dance is full of suspense and that's even before you get to the really fancy legwork. I sat there, in the good seats (when the Jase does something, he does it well), plastic wine glass in hand, totally entranced. I need more of this in my life. Less work, more dancing.

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  1. Mmm, I love me a good tango - ta for posting that!

    I've always wanted to learn to tango, but since my husband has two left feet, that's never going to happen. At least he can PLAY me some lovely tangos on his guitar...

    Not quite the same thing. :o(


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