Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I was reading a fitness magazine today - I would name it, but the two main NZ produced fitness mags are called 'Fitness' and 'Fitness Life' and I can't remember which one I was reading. It presented a list of 10 things most essential to slimming. It was written by someone with a PhD in exercise science and contained such gems as add honey to your food (it's a lower GI sugar!) and avoid spicy foods that stimulate your appetite. Yes! that's the answer! Eat boring food! ...with honey in it! In my experience, spices are not fattening and not any more appetite stimulating than any other tasty food. In fact I find them to help with satiety because your tastebuds know something is happening. Eat something spicy! You won't feel like dessert.

Today I had a need for some cayenne and ginger powders to add to a 'blood cleansing' type of formulation. I don't know if it does cleanse the blood, but it does give a warm glow and certainly feels like it must be doing something. I happened to be reading 'Cuisine' magazine last week and had learned that The Spice Trader is about 500m up the road from the factory. I went in there feeling a bit moody and I came out feeling high on the spicy aroma's and the good company of the man that runs the shop. His whole business is importing and selling spices. He's like the Mistress of Spices.. except he's, you know... not a mistress.

I got home from work all ready to crack into Workout B, but Jase tells me no. He tells me we are going out because it's my birthday tomorrow and I can train tomorrow morning ('cos it's my birthday and I want to start the day well.... yes, master of logic) and, of course, I allowed myself to be persuaded. We are going to Simo's for some Moroccan spiciness. I saw it on a TV program and it's supposed to be the authentic Moroccan eating experience. It was certainly an authentic experience booking the table. I think the man at the other end knows we are coming at 7.30. I couldn't really understand a word he said. It was just like trying to book a table in a foreign country.


  1. That is the STUPIDEST diet advice I've ever heard. Well perhaps not actually the stupidest ever, but definitely the stupidest from someone who should know better.

    Hope your dinner is fabulous!

  2. Mmmm spices. I love that smell when you walk into somewhere like and Indian Supermarket. The Spice Trader sounds great!


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