Sunday, June 01, 2008

Party 4 of 4!

This year my birthday has stretched out over four celebrations. I feel thoroughly spoiled and quite a bit like I ate too much. The good thing is that between indulgences I've kept myself under control. Maybe I gained a few lbs but it won't be a disaster.

Tonight was my fancy dress party and what a blast! I wanted to be Cleopatra but all the costumes I found were far too big for me and so I settled on a costume that was called the 'Queen of the Nile'. The hardest part was the freaking false eyelashes. I've never worn them before and did actually manage to glue my eyelids together with eyelash glue (I'm sure that's great for the Lasik) before successfully attaching the falsies. Getting them off may also be an interesting expedition. I wonder if I'll take my real eyelashes off with them! Here are some photo's.


Jo and Caz

Jases sister

Caz (my sister) and Me


The Niece (she settled on a butterfly costume)

My mum

Bruce (mums hubby)


  1. cool costume!! looks like fun!

  2. Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Wow Jase's sister looks so much like a blogger in Aussy! Can't remember her name though! Derrr.

  3. Loved your costume and you niece is so cute!


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