Friday, May 02, 2008

Nervous activity

If you have ever had abdominal surgery, you will know that in the first few days of recovery the nurses are overly intrusive in their questions about whether or not you have had a 'movement'. If you haven't, they will pry further into whether you have 'passed wind'. When I was 14 and had my appendix out,I just thought they were all a bit loopy and/or perverted but now I am wiser. Apparently, when the insides of your body get handled they get offended and go to sleep. Like, if your intestines are disturbed by surgery, the nervous impulses are interrupted and they stop doing their usual peristaltic movement and all that other regular intestine stuff. All the nosy questions are to ensure that they have come back 'on line'. It's a similar thing with knee surgery,where the quadriceps sometimes doesn't wake up again and needs to be started up with some jumper leads (uh, obviously I'm using a lot of incorrect terminology here.. but hopefully you get the idea).

From what I understand, a similar thing happens with Lasik and the tear response. Actually there are two things happening, the eye has been fiddled with and then also the nerves in part of the cornea have been lasered off and need to regenerate. So, your eyes do not perceive how dry they are and don't water themselves properly for a while. Most people need drops quite intensively for a few months then less frequently up to six months. My sister, who was Lasik'd five years ago still uses wetting drops about six times a year. This morning I had a big moment. I was driving, and it was early and I yawned and my eyes watered all by themselves. It was too exciting for words. That happened twice this morning and also my vision was crystally clear until about 10am when I started to go a bit blurry. Now, at 3pm it's quite random - more clear when I use the drops and then my eyes dry out again and it becomes very difficult to read the computer. Today it is two weeks since I had Lasik and so far I have moments where I feel euphoric that I'm no longer a slave to my lenses and then I have moments where I'm all despondent that I'm not having perfect, crisp vision all the time. Ask me again in another couple of weeks and I think I'll have a positive response. It's all heading toward a good result.

Sana customers. You have been without WPC for ages. I apologise. I could go into a long saga about how the price went funky, then big overseas companies bought up all the WPC in NZ, then how we got delivered a batch with a really nasty taste profile, but I'd have to use bad words. This is a clean language blog. We will have Creamy Vanilla WPC next week and I'm working on a 'Tropical' flavour. Chocolate flavour is in the works too but I need to spend more time with that one. I want a really superior chocolate flavour and am working with some unfamiliar ingredients there. To my great surprise I had an email request for unflavoured WPC. I will add unflavoured WPC as an option on the site. I never thought of it before. What do you guys think? Unflavoured WPC? I can't really see it being a big seller, but then again, I have been wrong about these things before (many, many times).


  1. While I don't think I'll be ordering from Sana Direct due to the shipping (I'm all the way over in Eastern Canada), I will say that I've been on the hunt for unflavoured WPC.

    It may be an unmitigated disaster, but I would like to add the flavour (be it sweet or savory) myself to somethings. Or, in the case of sauces, just mix in to up the protein content of the meal.

  2. WPC in sauce? I suppose it might work! The unflavoured WPC is really not that bad tasting, unlike other forms of whey. Whey protein hydrolysate is very nasty au naturel. That's the magic ingredient in Biotest Surge. I thought I'd make a workout mix using WPH and managed it, but the thing had to be 50% sugars and additives in order to get a good flavour. Plus WPH is very expensive. I think I'll do it again but use WPI which tastes like nothing (very bland)

  3. I will say that ordering from NZ would probably not be expensive, given the exchange rate. Getting a dairy product through Canadian customs might be a different matter. Apart from Australia, Canada has the tightest border controls in the world when it comes to consumable products.

  4. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Hey Sara, love your blog. This will sound muy stupido, but how can I order? I tried to create a login, but I'm baffled. The NZ whey is among the best in the world, and I'd love to order from you. Email:


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